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Guide To Play Handicap Draw Bet - Effective Betting Tips Empty Guide To Play Handicap Draw Bet - Effective Betting Tips

Сб Июл 22, 2023 7:18 am

During Euro or World Cup seasons, bookmakers offer various betting options, and one commonly seen type is the Handicap Draw Bet, also known as the Asian Handicap Draw.

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What is the Handicap Draw Bet?
Many newcomers to football betting wonder what the Handicap Draw Bet is. The Handicap Draw Bet is a familiar form of Asian handicap, also known as the draw bet. In this type of bet, the stronger team does not have any handicap, and the odds are set at 0. This bet is often used in matches where the two teams have relatively equal strength. Based on the match characteristics, the bookmakers choose the appropriate type of handicap bet. This type of bet will be available in the Asian handicap section, and the odds offered are not too high.
When playing this bet, as long as the match ends with only a one-goal difference between the two teams, the result can be predicted. In the case of this type of betting, the following situations may occur:
If you bet on the winning team, that team must win by at least one goal.
If the higher-rated team loses by any score, the lower-rated team is guaranteed to win.
In a 0-0 draw, the higher-rated team will refund half of the stake for the lower-rated team.

When to play the Handicap Draw Bet?
This type of bet is quite common nowadays, especially in major football tournaments around the world. When two teams are evenly matched, players should consider choosing the Handicap Draw Bet to ensure safety when participating in betting.
Due to the small difference in handicap points, players need to invest carefully, study the form of each team, and assess their goal-scoring capabilities. Thorough analysis before placing bets is the best way to protect your wager. Players should choose the Handicap Draw Bet in football in the following situations:
The home team is not significantly better than the away team.
If the home team has a strong attacking line against a weak-playing away team, particularly when the away team has to play far from home and is prone to heavy defeats.
If the home team's attacking line is not outstanding and usually wins by a minimal goal, while the away team's strength lies in their ability to capitalize on opportunities, then choosing the lower-rated team will have higher odds of winning against the bookmakers.
Guide To Play Handicap Draw Bet - Effective Betting Tips Top-5-simple-ways-to-huge-winning-on-soccer-bets-in-2020-revealed

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Useful tips when playing the Handicap Draw Bet in football:
To easily win the Handicap Draw Bet, especially during Euro or World Cup tournaments, players should accumulate and improve their football betting experience. With evenly matched teams, players need to consider multiple factors to make the most accurate decisions. Here are some useful tips for betting on the Handicap Draw Bet that I will share with you:
Thoroughly research match information, such as starting line-ups, tactical formations, recent head-to-head records, and injury status, to get a general overview of the match between the two teams.
Observe the odds offered by bookmakers from the beginning until the match starts. If the odds increase, you may choose the higher-rated team, and vice versa.
For the Handicap Draw Bet with close odds, you may choose the home team. If the football handicap bet with odds ranging from 0.60 to 0.70 is not higher than 1/4, it is preferable to choose the lower-rated team, which has higher odds of winning the bet.
If the Handicap Draw Bet has a 1/4 handicap, and the lower-rated team leads 1-0 in the first half, you may consider betting on the lower-rated team for the next half.
Consider your choice of team carefully and confidently in placing bets. Avoid being influenced by external factors that may affect your decision.
Additionally, when choosing the Handicap Draw Bet, take your time, follow the match, and observe the football odds to make the most accurate betting decisions. With this bet, you can use the doubling or chain betting strategy if you are confident. Along with that, use proper bankroll management to maximize your results.

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In this article, Wintips has answered and shared some experiences when playing the Handicap Draw Bet in football. This type of betting is often used by football bettors and can bring in wins.

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